Eco Club

We know that we are an integral part of the environment we live in and the solution to many environmental problems lie in our attitude towards environment. The best way to bring about change in this attitude in society is through children. Here comes the role of eco club that plays important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation.

The environment is important because everything that supports the survival of human beings is dependant on it. It is simply only the home of mankind, making it the most important aspect in life. Students are our future. Every child can create important effect in his own surrounding. Eco club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation.

Student can be powerful advocates for the conservations of natural resources and limiting waste. In fact, students may be able to help make this happen in few ways that most adults cannot. Many are set in their ways and are not open to change. Students can try to get their parents to become more conscious of the environment. They can learn about creating Green technology.

Students learn to prepare the land for growing plants. They also learn to identify weeds and remove them as these weeds destroy the existing plants. Students gift different kinds of saplings on their birthday. They plant these saplings in the surroundings of the school. The students have planted Aloe-vera, Rose, Jasmin, Black plum, lemon, Mango, Holi-Basil, Custerd apple, Aegle marmelos (Belpatra), Lusi, Juli etc.

The students were excited at every step. Their joy knew no bounds, when they harvested all the above. In this way, we make the students to understand the importance of tree plantation.

At JIS, our effort is to promote our children to protect and conserve trees for greener earth.

Home Science Club

It is necessary to develop the home science education ‘’is worth like education’’ Home science is dynamic and ever-growing field of education. It is applied field built upon both the discipline of science and humanities for the purpose of achieving and welfare and wellbeing of the family in an ever changing society.

It is the education for better living and core of this education is the family “eco-system”. It is study of reciprocal relations between the family and its natural and man-made environment.

Std Activity Meal-time
I Pencil Shavings Biscuit Sandwich
II Collage Work 1] Russian Sandwich
2] Vegetable Salad
III Things from old CD’s Khakra Pizza
IV Things from Plastic Bottle 1] Oli Bhel
2] Shev Puri
3] Mini Pizza
V Things from Plastic bottle Dahi Puri
VI Things created by using Rope Shev Puri
VII Things made from Plastic Cups Fruit Salad
VIII Things made from Card-board 1] Pani Puri
2] Puffed rice peanut Butter Balls